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Take Flight Ambassadors

Gabriella (Gabi) Carden

Gabriella Carden

Majors: Converged Broadcast Media

Classification: Junior


Tips for success within your major and college:

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "I know what it's like to not only go through the college transition during a time of confusion and lack of in-person meetings, so she wants to use her position to help others have a smoother adjustment to UNT and to their new home in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences."

A campus office or service I recommend:

Career goals: "My goal to become a TV News Producer started when I could first hold a camera, and my drive to pursue that dream has not stopped. I am set to graduate in Spring of 2023 with a degree in Converged Broadcast Media and a certification in TV News Producing. All the opportunities that I have been able to experience in my time so far at UNT have not only expanded my knowledge of my future career but also gave me ample resources to graduate a year early."


Aurelia Salazar

Aurelia Salazar

Majors: Psychology and Criminal Justice

Classification: Junior

Pronouns: She/Her

Tips for success within your major and college: "Keep up on your organization and focus on self-care! Know your limits and be aware when you push yourself too hard."

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "There is so much more to do on campus than just going to class. Getting involved is the best way to have a college experience. "

A campus office or service I recommend: "Math Lab/Writing Lab."

Career goals: "Becoming a Criminal Psychologist and researching the prison school pipeline."

Hobbies: "Writing/Playing Music, watching horror movies, playing volleyball, reading comic books, journaling, and meditating."

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