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Additional Resources

General Information:

AdmissionsDean - Social networking and research site for law school applicants.

Law School Admissions Council - Register for the LSAT, get test prep materials, begin the application process.

The National Jurist - PreLaw Magazine - Information about the "best deals" in legal education, different legal specialties, the future of legal education, and more.

DiscoverLaw - This site, dedicated to diversity in legal education, is maintained by the Law School Admissions Council. There is lots of great information about legal education, careers in the law, and financing law school.

Council on Legal Education Opportunity - This is another organization that aims to increase diversity in the legal profession and provide better opportunity to students who have traditionally been shut out of the process.

All About Personal Injury Lawyers - An article about personal injury attorneys

LSAT Test Preparation:

Kaplan Test Prep


Princeton Review




Finding the Right Law School for You:

U.S. News & World Report - Provides rankings of U.S. higher education institutions, including law schools

Law School Transparency - Gathers data on law school placement and bar passage rates

Law Jobs: By the Numbers - This website walks you through the process of finding the right law school for you based on geography and employment outcomes.

LSAC Offical Guide - Allows students to enter their GPA and LSAT information and provides estimates of the students' probability of being admitted to various law schools

How I Compare - Students create free accounts, enter their education and LSAT information, and can explore the probability of being accepted to various law schools; students can also track the admissions and scholarship progress of other students.

Access Group - A nonprofit that provides detailed information about the cost of attending law school and options for financing a legal education

NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists - A massive (searchable) guide of legal education programs in the U.S., including joint degree programs, areas of specializations, and clinic opportunities

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