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About Us

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (formerly the College of Arts and Sciences) began in 1945 with a diverse set of 14 departments. Today, our family of 22 academic departments and programs remains eclectic. And so are the college's alumni, who number in the tens of thousands and live throughout the United States and in many countries around the world. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in areas ranging from scientific research to politics to business and finance. Learn more about our notable alumni.

There are many ways to support the exciting activities of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, both at the college level and at the department or program level. These include participation in events, service on advisory boards, and investments in student scholarships and program development.

Our Development and Advisory Board is comprised of alumni and other supporters with a strong commitment to helping shape the college's future.

For information on how you can participate in the life of the college, please contact our Office of Development at (940) 565-2497.


Our mission is to kindle the thirst for truth, justice, and beauty; to foster cultural literacy and scientific investigation; and to cultivate thinking, speaking, and writing abilities characterized by clear expression and logically coherent, evidence-based arguments. We see these as the values, forms of knowledge, and skills most needed by citizens of a democracy and by productive members of the global workforce.


We seek a future in which the achievements of our faculty and students reach ever greater heights of excellence and public recognition; in which a spirit of inclusion and mutual respect is maintained and strengthened among faculty and students with differing viewpoints and from diverse backgrounds; and in which increasing interdisciplinary collaboration opens up new opportunities for intellectual, empirical, and creative discovery.

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