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GPA Calculator

The following is an automated grade point average calculator. Make sure to enter in all fields that are highlighted in green. You will need your grade report or transcript from the semester most recently completed to use this calculator. Tab to the next field after you enter your information.
Enter your total attempted UNT hours
Enter the number of hours you are currently registered for or will register for this term
Enter the number of hours you are duplicating this term, include hours passed and failed.  NOTE: Duplications only involve the grade for the first course attempt, do not enter hours for courses that you are repeating (have earned two or more grades for the course) in this blank
Subtotal from above (total attempted hours plus registered hours minus course duplication hours)
Enter your Cumulative GPA Goal; 2.00 (the minimum required for "Good Standing") or Desired Cumulative GPA
Subtotal from multiplication of attempted hours times GPA
Enter your total earned UNT grade points to date (From your most recent grade report or a current transcript, you can obtain a transcript free of charge from the Registrar's Office)
Enter the grade points earned for the classes you are duplicating this term
Subtotal from above (grade points earned minus grade points for courses you are duplicating)
Enter the number of hours you are currently registered for or will register for
This is the term GPA necessary to reach your Cumulative GPA Goal

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