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Pre-law advising helps students interested in a career as a lawyer make good choices and achieve their goals. We advise students from their first year at UNT through the law school application process. Our services are available to all current UNT students, as well as UNT alumni seeking admission to law school. We are not affiliated with UNT-D's law school, and we do not have expertise in paralegal programs.

Please note, pre-law is not an academic major at UNT. You should major in something that you will enjoy and in which you can maintain a good GPA. There is no right major for those wanting to go on to law school. Any major will work (including majors in the arts and natural sciences), though we do recommend you take some courses through your undergraduate career that emphasize strong writing and reasoning skills to help you prepare for law school. Pre-law advising is available for all students of all majors.

To learn more, visit the Office of Pre-Law Advising Canvas Page. Current students can self-enroll in the course to access the discussion boards and receive occasional updates.

To receive updates about law-related events on campus and in the community (including practice LSATs, meetings with law school admissions representatives, and other workshops), sign up for e-mails here.

To make an appointment:

Zoom appointments for Fall 2021 are available Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 - 4:00.

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Dr. Wendy L. Watson (she/her)
Pre-Law Advisor

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