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Transfer FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Transfer Credit

Will all of my credits transfer to UNT?

  • All courses taken for academic credit will transfer to UNT, some will apply toward your degree requirements and some will count as electives. Check with an advisor to find out how your transfer credits will apply toward your degree (visit Advisor Contacts to find your advisor).

Why did UNT not accept all of my transfer credit?

  • Each University and Community/Junior College offers different types of credit. UNT accepts all courses taken for college level academic credit. Remedial or developmental courses taken to prepare you for college level academic credit are not accepted. Technical or Work Force Education (WECM) courses are not accepted to UNT unless you are pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences and the courses have been approved for use by your Academic Dean at UNT. Courses taken for Continuing Education are non-credit courses and are not accepted at UNT.

What kind of information can I find on UNT's web site about transfer credit?

  • We have a transfer guide web site (located at which provides general information about the transfer of courses to the UNT core (limited to Texas Public Colleges and Universities) and information about the transfer of courses to a specific major (limited to area Community Colleges).
  • Additionally you can use our interactive website, Transferology, to look up course equivalencies or run degree audits. If you set up an account you can enter your course work to see how your courses from other institutions will apply toward degree requirements at UNT. NOTE: Not all courses from all institutions have information or equivalencies listed in U.Select.

When will I receive official information about my transfer courses?

  • During your orientation session you will receive an evaluation of your transfer credits that count toward the UNT Core Curriculum and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences requirements in the form of a core degree audit. You will also have the opportunity to have a review of transfer credits that may apply toward your major at orientation, additional information (such as a course syllabus or description) may be requested by your advisor to determine course applicability.