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Highest Transformational Needs and Opportunities to lift the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Tomorrow, NOW! is CLASS's first college-wide engagement and fundraising campaign committed to rising to the daunting and encouraging challenges of the present and future. This ambitious campaign is designed to strategically strengthen the excellence and posture of CLASS to meet complex challenges and opportunities facing students preparing to become the leaders of Tomorrow, NOW! Upon completion of this mini-campaign, CLASS will have raised the bar of philanthropic and engagement strategy and established a new level focus, commitment and most importantly, MEAN GREEN excellence!

Endowed Naming of the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

What is the greatest driver of transformative progress? We submit the answer is…Curiosity!

The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences is the most comprehensive, diverse learning community of the University of North Texas which stands as the third largest institution of higher education across the state of Texas. Our college is driving transformative progress, grounded in our liberal arts heritage, as the cornerstone of education for all Mean Green and the bedrock of advanced learning for nearly all existing and emerging fields of study. Home to 23 academic departments, programs, centers and a school, CLASS cultivates and inspires a curiosity born of our deepest passions and commitments to improve lives in our communities near and far. The magnitude of CLASS is realized far beyond the brick-and-mortar of the many buildings that make up our college. The consequential impact of naming CLASS is reflective of a belief in the very thing that drives progress. Curiosity!

Endowed gifts of this magnitude position a college on a trajectory for innovation and impact by establishing opportunities for the recruitment of elite thinkers and leaders, and enables strategic investments in student learning, innovative research and discovery, purpose-driven partnerships, and improved communities. Naming CLASS provides meaningful resources that propel the college to the next level of excellence for generations to come.

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CLASS Executive Dean's Excellence Fund

The mission of the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, simply put, is to Amplify Human Potential to Propel Transformation. And we pursue this mission with an unwavering commitment to excellence despite encountering existing and future head winds of significant challenge. There are a number of concerns and challenges facing all of higher education for which CLASS is not immune to having to navigate.

Growing concerns over national and regional enrollments due to a decline of high-school graduates; inflation impacts on the affordability of a college education; recurrent decreases of state-funding toward higher education; the generational impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning; the mental health of students, faculty and staff; being able to lead in times of unprecedented and constant change with appropriate steadiness and adaptability; an increasingly competitive environment to recruit and retain high quality faculty and students; safeguarding the free exchange of ideas and knowledge on campus; and fulling the mission of a public university while meeting the present and future needs of our communities near and far - ALL pose seriously daunting, yet encouraging challenges for CLASS.

The Executive Dean's Excellence Fund provides discretionary funding to students, faculty, and staff by investing in impactful and visionary ideas and people that enable CLASS to soar higher! Top priorities for the college, set by Dean Bimper, include championing student success and elevating academic programs, advancing innovative, interdisciplinary research and discovery initiatives and creative works, and attracting and retaining elite, world-class faculty.

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The CLASS THINKERS' Guild is a premier membership experience for donors and friends of CLASS to gather as a community of learners and THINKERS' and engage in dynamic discussion and fellowship, representative of our liberal arts heritage. The THINKERS' Guild aims to engage members in dialogue around complex and daunting matters of local, national, and international significance. Members of the guild enjoy first-CLASS access to learn and discuss the research, scholarship, and creative activities of the college that are improving the human experience and creating a more livable society.

To learn more about joining the THINKERS GUILD, contact us.

It takes sustained monetary commitment to accomplish the above. Here are some ways to give and show your support for our students, faculty and future.

Ways to Give

Cash contributions are the simplest way to ensure your gift's immediate impact.

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Give by postal mail

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Checks should be made payable to the UNT Foundation Inc., indicating the desired gift designation on the memo line.

Monthly giving goes further

It's safe, secure, easy -- and it does a lot. Plus, once you enroll, you never have to think about it again. Monthly giving provides dependable support with less administrative costs. Set up a recurring gift today and support CLASS students all year long.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, click the button below to search.

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If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift to this organization may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Estate planning

Whether you want to experience your impact firsthand or fulfill your philanthropic goals after your lifetime, when you include CLASS in your estate plan, you're providing our students with the opportunity to think bigger, go further and tap into their fullest potential for years to come.

See something you're passionate about? Contact our development team to discuss giving opportunities that work for you!
Whitney Thomas
Senior Director of Development
Bryant Marion
Director of Development