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Professionalization with CLASS

Business leaders value the creativity and critical thinking that liberal arts students bring to problem-solving, but seek out graduates who receive practical preparation for the workplace. Professionalization with CLASS is designed to equip students in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) for a wide variety of professional opportunities and develop workforce readiness. An Applied Skills Program adds hands-on interdisciplenary experience to develop real world solutions for established corporations.

Students have the opportunity to attend a series of workshops led by alumni and business leaders focusing on areas such as improving professional communication skills, working in a team environment, selling employers on the practical value of their liberal arts education, and professional etiquette.

In the future, an alumni mentoring component will be implemented to help students practice skills emphasized in the workshops while earning additional endorsements. Not only will students work with mentors to earn certifications to add to their resumes, but the Professionalization with CLASS program places an emphasis on helping students use internships to increase their practical preparation for the workplace.