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Other Types of Financial Support Available

More financial aid information available at the UNT Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS).


Scholarships are an ideal funding solutions since you do not need to pay them back and they may pay (in part or full) for things such as tuition, books, and accommodations. Many scholarships are administered by various departments and programs at UNT and selection criteria varies. Find out about available scholarships at the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

On-Campus Employment

On-campus jobs provide the convenience of working and taking classes in the same place. Care should be taken to limit work hours to a level that will not adversely affect your academic performance.

  • Hourly employment exists at all levels at UNT which can be applied for independently of applying for financial aid. Not all departments list hourly positions with the Career Center student employment job posting database, so watch for job postings around campus. Some hourly jobs are with "auxiliary units" like positions working in residence halls, the student union, athletics, etc.
  • Work Study jobs provide departments with incentive for hiring student employees. To apply for a work-study position complete or renew your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and then review theStudent Financial Aid & Scholarships' Work Study website to get started.

  • Teaching Fellows (TF's) are usually graduate students who are the "instructor of record" (the person responsible for all aspects of classroom instruction and final grades) for one or more classes. Contact your department to find out about TF appointments available.
  • Teaching Assistants (TA's) are usually graduate students who help "instructors of record" (instructors and faculty) by sometimes delivering instruction, proctoring exams, grading assignments, grading tests, and overall help during the semester. Contact your department for TA appointments available.

  • Graders are occasionally hired to fill in for a TA or TF. Graders must be well-versed in the subject they are grading. Contact your department for Grader appointments available.

  • Full Time (Salaried) Employment can be challenging so please consider the overall impact of working full time while studying and attending classes. UNT posts full time job options on the UNT HR Jobs web site.

Off-Campus Employment

Off-campus jobs can be appealing alternatives to on-campus ones, just be realistic about the time commitment and continue to focus on your academic growth.

  • Cooperative Education (Co-op) Positions tie academic objectives to practical, paid work experience. Some allow you to continue your studies while you work ("Parallel Co-op") while others have you or alternating work semesters with academic semesters ("Alternating Co-op"). Contact the Cooperative Education and Internshipsoffice to find out what you need to do to apply or prepare for a position in the future.

  • Internship Positions are similar to Co-op jobs, except they may or may not include payment. Contact theCooperative Education and Internships office to find out what you need to do to apply now or prepare for a position in the future.

  • Off-Campus Hourly or Salaried Positions. Talk with your employer about educational support opportunities the company may offer (like full/partial tuition reimbursement, schedule flexibility) to ensure parity between the company's objectives and yours.


There is information on various loans at the UNT Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Each loan comes with its own terms, so think about limiting your exposure to debt as much as possible by realizing you must some day pay off the loan.


Stipends provide the recipient the ability to work and grow in their discipline while taking regular classes. Academic Departments may provide some student researchers (usually advanced graduate students) a regular sum of money in return for service (e.g., apprenticeship, research support, grading). Contact your department for more information.


To receive a grant, most recipients must demonstrate a financial need. As with scholarships, students do not need to repay grants. You may apply for grants at the UNT Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.