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History Ambassadors

Mariah Mustaca

Secretary of CLASS Ambassador Program

Mariah Mustaca

Major: History with Secondary Education Certification

Classification: Senior

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Tips for success within your major and college: "The biggest tip I can give is to keep up with class reading! Many history classes prioritize teaching through reading primary and secondary sources, making it necessary to keep up to date with reading. I would also suggest making connections with your professors and fellow students. While college is about learning, an important aspect to remember is that we should be learning alongside and with our peers!"

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "One thing I wish I knew was how many resources were available on campus for students to use, both within traditional academia and outside of it. For example, the university provides places for those needing food assistance, housing assistance, mental health care, and so much more. There are so many resources available to assist students if they are struggling and it should be encouraged that we use them while we can."

A campus office or service I recommend: "I would recommend students check out the Rec Center and the Student Health and Wellness Center. These resources provide an array of programs where one can improve their physical and mental health."

Career goals: "I am currently pursuing a BA in History with a secondary teaching certificate and a Spanish minor. In the future, I hope to continue my education further in a doctoral program. My final goal is to become a professor at the university level and share my love for history with others."

Hobbies: "As provided, I love history. I am involved in the Eagle History Society to meet and discuss history with other people, both in and outside of the program itself! Aside from academics, I love to embrace my creative side, whether that be in drawing, painting, crafting, or learning new skills through other people".

Blake Reyna

Blake Reyna

Majors: History

Classification: Senior


Tips for success within your major and college: "Immerse yourself in college life and you'll be set for success afterwards! Study hard, make an agenda, and don't procrastinate! Finally, make friends and lasting bonds while you have the chance!"

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "I wish I hadn't taken for granted my first two years in college and used the time I had then to do research on career paths pertaining to my field of interest."

A campus office or service I recommend:

Career goals: "Even now, I'm still contemplating. In any case, after I graduate this spring, I hope to pursue a career involving the research of historical artifacts, documents, and literature. Or maybe I'll end up writing a fantasy series!"

Hobbies: "I love to Jog/walk, play tennis, write, play Xbox, watch history videos, and listen to audiobooks. I also love to hang out in social groups!"