CLASS Advisory Board Faculty Awards | College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

CLASS Advisory Board Faculty Awards


Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

  • Dr. Janice Hauge, Department of Economics, '18
  • Dr. Elizabeth Oldmixon, Department of Political Science, '19
  • Dr. Andrew Torget, Department of History, '20
  • Dr. Nora Gilbert, Department of English, '21

Excellence in Graduate Teaching

  • Dr. Shelley Riggs, Department of Psychology, '18
  • Dr. Miroslav Penkov, Department of English, '19
  • Dr. Margie Tieslau, Department of Economics, '20
  • Dr. Michael Leggiere, Department of History, '21

Excellence in Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity

  • Dr. Ricardo Rozzi, Department of Philosophy, '18
  • Dr. Irene Klaver, Department of Philosophy and Religion, '19
  • Dr. Joshua Hook, Department of Psychology, '20
  • Dr. Alexandra Ponette-Gonzalez, Department of Geography and the Environment, '21

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