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Small Grants


Small Grants, awarded for amounts up to $1000 from the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and matched by contributions from the Department, are intended to enable research that bridges a gap in extramural support, seeds funding of an extramural sponsored program, or fulfills a need of scholarly or creative activity that cannot be addressed by extramural support.


Small Grants will be made for up to $1000 to be matched fully or in part by the Department..

Funds must be expended by the end of the fiscal year (August 31), additionally subject to UNT

BSC fiscal year-end procurement deadlines.

Funds from Small Grants may not be used for travel in pursuit of extramural funding or to workshops and conferences. Visits to funding agencies in pursuit of sponsored programs is supported via the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Development Funds. Travel advances are

NOT allowed on these funds. Travel reimbursement will be based on actual receipts or per diem (up to the GSA per diem limit), whichever is lower. In either case, actual itemized receipts MUST be submitted for all reimbursements. A requisition must be entered for products or services paid for by this grant PRIOR to receiving the product or starting the work. In addition, certain items may not be paid for using these funds, for example, alcohol, tips and gratuities, and gifts cards.


To be eligible for a Small Grant the faculty member must hold the academic rank of Assistant Professor or higher and be employed on a full-time basis in a permanent or tenure track position.

Selection Criteria

Priority will be given to requests for funds that match those from the Department. Preference will be given to new faculty developing their research programs or faculty who are re-initiating or redirecting their research.


Applications for Small Grants may be made at any time during the year. Generally, applicants will be notified within ten business days of receipt of the application.


Right mouse click on the form link. Click "Save Link as" and save the form on your computer. Go to the file you saved on your computer and open the form.

Fill in each section of the application, obtain Department signature attesting to the cost matching, and return to the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences office (GAB 210).

Small Grant Form