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DIY Advising

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  1. Run your online degree audit at
    1. All red Xs are still needing to be completed
    2. Pay attention to Advanced (42 total) and Total (120 total) hour requirements
    3. See suggested degree plans here:
      1. These are just one way to take the courses- best used to see order of major courses/areas
    4. Check out your department's website undergraduate advising page for possible helpful handout/resources
  2. Fill out the DIY Advising form with courses you want to take (please state if they are for summer and/or fall- summer and fall registration happens at the same time!)
  3. To save the from: Print to PDF by going to the print button and selecting save to PDF as the option
  4. Email form to for an advisor to review
    1. Allow a week for a response

DIY Advising Worksheet Instructions:

Please submit this completed Advising Worksheet to with subject line: DIY Advising Worksheet. In your email, include Name, Student ID, Major, and Registration date. Click here to find your registration date.

* Students wishing to change majors, FTIC freshman and those not in good academic standing will require an advising appointment--see website for available appointment or drop-in times.

* New students must attend Orientation before they are eligible for advising.

All eligible forms will be reviewed and emailed back within a week and DO NOT require an advising appointment unless otherwise stated by an advisor. This is not an official Advising Record until reviewed and signed by a CLASS advisor.