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Abigail Reeves

Abigail Reeves

Hi there! My name is Abigail. I am a UNT alumna twice over. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film (now Media Arts) and then went on to pursue my Master of Science in Library Science. I began working in this office in 2013 and became an academic advisor in 2019. I absolutely loved college, but it was not always easy. Having a supportive advising team to help me navigate my college career made all of the difference. This is the reason I wanted to become an advisor. I strive to always provide that same care and guidance I was given, to our students here in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

In my free time, you can find me watching horror movies, trying to get back to Hawaii (my favorite place in the world), playing board games with my friends and family, cooking with my husband, or hanging out with my three adorable pets.

Jessica Pamplin

Jessica Pamplin

Hi everyone! I completed my Bachelor's degree in Child and Family Development and my Master's degree in College Student Personnel Administration at the University of Central Missouri near where I am originally from. I grew up in the Kansas City area of Missouri. I worked at Abilene Christian University when I first moved to Texas, where I met my husband and moved here with him for his job in Plano. I started working at UNT in February of 2021.

We have two spoiled cats named Navi and Butters. Navi looks like a fluffy pure white marshmallow, and Butters is her lean, orange-striped brother. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and my husband and I love playing and watching people play video games. I also love learning new things! During the pandemic I got certified as a Pharmacy Technician and am currently in the Advanced Data Analytics Master's program here at UNT.

On my days off, we go hiking, play games, wander around giant malls, order Chinese food, and watch scary movies. I often visit my family in Missouri too. I am excited to work with you!

Kaitlyn Sullivan

Kaitlyn Sullivan

My name is Kaitlyn, and I'm from East Texas. I earned my A.A. in Theatre from Tyler Junior College in 2019 and my B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies from the University of North Texas in 2021. While working as a student assistant, I discovered how much I enjoyed helping people and working with students.

I am an avid video game fan, with some of my favorites being The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Stardew Valley, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, and the Assassin's Creed series. I also enjoy reading, gardening, and working on art projects in my free time. I have a mischievous cat named Dany, after Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and my Hogwarts House is Slytherin.

Samantha Pollard

Samantha Pollard

Hi there! I'm Samantha, and I come from a small town in Northeast Texas. Going to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to major in Sociology, so I could learn about how group and social constraints influence human behavior. I also liked that one's perspective wasn't the only one that matters. I took this as there is always another answer (perspective), which was wild since I was changing my major from math where there was absolutely only one answer and only one way to get it. Being an advisor, I feel this same way as each student's path, degree, and needs are different from the next, and I get to help put those puzzle pieces together.

I've lived in Denton since 2018, where I met my husband, Michael. Our life now includes our son, Logan, and two dogs, Ellie and Mollie. We enjoy binging HBO or Netflix series, playing in the backyard, or going out for Mexican food.

Lisa Whitby

Hello everyone, I am Lisa Whitby, and I have been with UNT for over 20 years. I graduated from here, and so did my two sons! One graduated with a 4.00 with a major in BCIS, and my other son graduated with a Biology major and a double minor in Chemistry and Spanish! He came in as a sophomore which allowed him to graduate early. I am very proud of them and I always tell them that they are the best thing I ever did!

I love shoes, cooking, and old school music. I really need a closet just for my shoes because they are under my bed and stacked in my closet on my side and my husband's side!

People don't realize that I can be very funny! I think having a great sense of humor is a plus when advising students because some students find advisors intimidating, and I never want my students to feel that way.

One of my greatest joys is giving and doing things for those who cannot repay me back. I also love inspirational quotes, so I would like to leave you with this one--LIFE IS LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY. YOU NEED THE NEGATIVES TO DEVELOP.

Caitlin Nowlin

Hello there! I'm Caitlin or Cait. I'm originally from South Texas on the coast. I graduated from UNT with my bachelor's in Integrative Studies (Business, Journalism, and Communications) and have come back to work on a master's in Journalism. I started working at the university as a Student Assistant for the Registrar back in 2019 and started advising (which I have absolutely loved doing) in 2022.

I've been in Denton since 2017 when I started college. I live with my sweet little dog, Bucky, who is one of those corgi mixes that looks as if a corgi was impersonating a lab.

In my free time, I like playing video games like Legend of Zelda or Genshin Impact. I watch lots of anime and love Ghibli films. I also listen to lots of KPop and always have tons of music recs across all kinds of different genres if you're interested. I also like to go roller skating, build miniatures, take care of houseplants, and bake!

Gabe Smith

Howdy everyone! My name is Gabe Smith and I'm from Joshua, TX, which is about an hour south of Denton, and I've lived my whole life in and around the DFW metroplex. Some of my passions in life include cooking (I love to meal prep for myself and my partner), exploring Denton, and writing stories, both for my independent writing but also for cooperative storytelling (or table-top role-playing games (TTRPGs)) like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. I LOVE listening to actual play podcasts like Worlds Beyond Number, Dungeons & Daddies, and Queer Dungeoneers, and I hope one day to become a well-known storyteller like the talented individuals behind these and other media.

I graduated from the University of North Texas in May 2023 with my Bachelor of Arts in both Spanish and Linguistics, and I plan to enroll in the Toulouse Graduate School to obtain my Master's in Library and Information Science. My current career goal is to eventually work as an Academic Librarian somewhere in higher education. My passion in life, beyond exploring the world and telling stories, lies in the realm of helping connect individuals with the information they seek, no matter how unique their motivation is. I desire to be a life-long learner, and I can't think of any better way to support this endeavor than working with students where the knowledge is.

I've worked at UNT since August 2020 when I started in Housing as a Resident Assistant, a position I held for 3 years. During my time as an RA, I got to meet, mentor, and motivate over 108 first-year students while also growing professionally and networking with leaders both on-campus and nationwide through my engagement with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, or NACURH (nuh-kerr). This is my first year working with CLASS Advising as an Associate Academic Advisor, and I'm excited to continue working with students in a more academically focused capacity, exercising and honing my pre-existing skills while gaining new ones that will serve me in the future.

Michelle Abeyta

Hello there! You can call me Michelle, and I'm excited to share a bit of my story with you.

I've worn many hats in my career journey, but advising is the one that truly tickles my fancy. I've donned the lab coat as a research scientist, stood at the front of the classroom as a teacher, spread some love as a philanthropist, and rocked the role of a stay-at-home mom - all of which have played a part in shaping who I am today.

My life philosophy? Always do things that scare you; that's the secret sauce for personal growth!

Now, let's chat about my top three passions: hearty laughter, globetrotting adventures, and whipping up delicious meals. Oh, and lending a helping hand to others, of course.

When it comes to my academic journey, I hold an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biology, a post-bachelor's degree in education, and a Master's in Learning Technologies.

Here's an interesting tidbit: I'm the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, and Spanish is my first language. So, if you ever need a Spanish-speaking buddy, I'm here!

The people closest to me often describe me as a bit silly and wonderfully indulgent. And as for my ultimate dream? Well, it's to retire in another country someday.

So, let's dive into this college adventure together, one shared story at a time.