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David González Corson

David Gonzalez Corson

Majors: Economics; Political Science

Classification: Senior

Pronouns: He/him/his

Tips for success within your major and college: "Hello! My name is David Gonzalez Corson, and I'm one of the new student ambassadors for the UNT Economics Department. I've been asked to write a bit about myself as well as give some tips and tricks I've picked up during my time at UNT, so here we go! If you want to succeed as an economics major, you can't be scared because others say it is hard. Study hard, contact your professors, go to tutoring and you will find success just waiting around the corner. Plus, it helps that the department at UNT is absolutely spectacular about helping out its students. Not only are the professors and staff extremely dedicated to helping their students grow, but they also provide a tutoring service that is open to all students in an economics course called the Economics Help Center."

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "If I had to give one piece of advice that I wish I knew in my freshman year, it would be to remember that you're more than a student and more than a soon-to-be successful professional--you are also a human being who is allowed to have fun and relax every now and then. The best thing any professor told me was to be careful because "a candle burning at both ends burns out twice as fast;" you need to find balance if you're gonna succeed. Besides that, I'd say that the rest of my advice is something that most of you have heard: give it your all, talk to your professors, and don't let rumors about how hard something is scare you."

A campus office or service I recommend: "If you're taking any course, lower level or even upper level, ask if the Economics Help Center can help you get through it. Taken together, however, I hope reading this has been helpful!"

Career goals: "I'm a third year economics and political science double major, and my current goals are to one day either help design economic policies that will help my local community grow or become a professor and help others learn about my craft."

Hobbies: "I'm still just an undergrad who enjoys writing stories and long boarding around campus in his downtime. I look forward to seeing you all around campus in the future. Welcome to the Mean Green Family!"

Yousef Omar

Yousef Omar

Major: Economics

Classification: Senior


Tips for success within your major and college: "If you are majoring in Economics, I truly believe that class is the most important part of succeeding, understanding the material, and achieving good grades. Make sure you attend all classes, take notes, and really make sure you understand everything the teacher is explaining. Always make sure to ask the teacher if you do not understand a point, because especially in economics, if you do not understand the basics, you won't understand what follows; just like building a house on sand. Thankfully, we have the best economics teachers at UNT, so make sure you utilize them fully.

"If you are a student in the CLASS, then you probably know that there is a second language class requirement of 12 credit hours at least. The college offers another solution, testing out of that. Incase you did not know, you can take a test for any of the languages provided, and based on how well you do, you can earn credit hours for that language without taking the classes. I managed to test out of 12 credit hours of Arabic, saving me a lot of money, and a whole semester in time.

"My best tip is that you should go at your own pace during your college career. People around you probably stress that you should graduate as fast as possible and that you should finish in 4 years or less. Of course, it is nice to graduate early and finish fast so you can have more time going onto the next step of your career, but sometimes it is not worth it. Finish as fast as you can while maintaining the best performance possible. If you think that taking less hours will help your performance, then do that. Future employers and grad schools do not care how long it took you to get your degree."

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "I wish I knew how fast university would fly by, so make sure you utilize it to the fullest, and enjoy it as much as you can. Rent books or try finding them used from someone or online. (Make sure it is the correct edition). Always be open to change, whether that is your major or life changing, it is not always a bad thing to change. Surround yourself with smart and good people that you can look up to and learn from. Know your professors and make sure they know you. Firstly, know you professors before taking the class, you can do that by asking people around if they have taken their class before, or checking websites like Then when you start the class, get to know the professor by introducing yourself and talking to them, that way they will start knowing you too. Utilize the facilities in school that you pay for whether you use or not."

A campus office or service I recommend: "Go to the writing lab whenever you have any essay, even if you are confident about it. The writing lab will proofread it for you, and they will always have tips. Visit your teachers during office hours. If you have any questions, or just want to chat and get to know your teacher better, go to their office hours. Go to the help center for questions, homework's, and tests, they are very experienced and will always help you. Libraries. Obviously, you should use the library for studying, printing, and more, but many students do not know that we have more than one library at school. My favorite library is the media library because I like playing video games. The media library offers something for every gamer out there, they have top notch gaming PC's that you can use for free, as well as any console you can think of that you can rent or use there."

Career goals: "My main career goal is to successfully graduate from UNT with my bachelor's degree in Economics, then get a law degree from a prestigious school. I also have a goal to one day have the ability to change this world into a better place. I plan on doing that using my knowledge of Economics and Law. I believe that there is a lot to change in this world in these two fields."

Hobbies: "I really enjoy traveling, trying new things, and meeting new people. I enjoy hiking and sightseeing. I play many sports including soccer, football. basketball, and table tennis. I also like trying out new sports. Video games has always been one of my favorite hobbies growing up and it still is now."

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