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Technical Communication Ambassadors

Anaia Dickson

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Degree(s): Technical and Professional Communication

Favorite Course(s): TECM 3010- The Profession of technical Communication, PADM 4050- Negotiation

Something I wish I knew as a Freshman: College requires us to be self-sufficient, where many times we may find ourselves underprepared to face situations out of our control, but as students, we are not powerless. As students, the responsibility falls on our shoulders to ask the right questions to our authorities, to do our own online research, to reach out to faculty and staff when we need help, to closely monitor our academic records, and to double-check after our professors and advisors.

Why did you become an ambassador? I became an ambassador because I stand behind what the tech. comm. program represents and I believe in the opportunities that this department provides its students. Being an ambassador allows me to network with many new students within my major!

What is your favorite memory from your time at UNT? My favorite UNT memory so far has been traveling to Chicago and spending a week with the UNT Debate team at Nationals.

How do you plan to use your degree? I plan to use my degree to become a language transcriber!

Ashley Miller

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Degree(s): B.S. in Professional and Technical Communication, B.S. in Psychology

Favorite Course(s): Technical Editing, Content Strategy, and Abnormal Psychology

Something I wish I knew as a Freshman: I've learned that building my schedule to only have class on two or three days of the week helps me be more successful. Having designated days off leaves room to schedule other appointments and gives me room to catch up when life gets tough.

Why did you become an ambassador? I enrolled at UNT specifically for the tech comm program, so as an ambassador, I advocate for tech comm as a relevant, employable, and fun degree to earn.

What is your favorite memory from your time at UNT? Overall, I've enjoyed every opportunity I've had to network with students, professors, and industry professionals. One specific fun memory that stands out, though, is the time I helped Dr. Meernik set up and test his VR headset.

How do you plan to use your degree? I initially enrolled in UNT's tech comm program to become a technical editor; however, I've since found strengths in technical skills I never thought about trying. Perhaps I'll start as a tech editor and then shift to UX design, or maybe I'll be a content strategist and freelance digital marketing on the side. We'll see!