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Pre-Law Ambassadors

Holly Mathews

Holly Mathews

Major: Political Science; Economics

Classification: Senior

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Tips for success within your major and college: "Hi everyone! My name is Holly Mathews, and I am one of the Pre-Law Ambassadors for the 2020-2021 school year! To be successful as a double major in the social sciences, I would recommend being consistent and hardworking. There are many required readings and essays, but with determination, learning can be so rewarding in this field!"

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "I wish I had known the value of professors during my first year. The more connections you make now, the more supporters you will have throughout your college career."

A campus office or service I recommend: "Finally, the importance of the Learning Center and the Supplemental Instructor program cannot be stressed enough. As a former Supplemental Instructor, your peers work very hard to help students fully grasp class concepts. If you have an SI in your class, they can be invaluable to your learning experience!"

Career goals: "I am a Senior Political Science and Economics double major with a minor in History, and I am working to attend attend law school after graduation with the hopes of working with local or state prosecution."

Hobbies: "My hobbies include reading, singing, and watching competition shows on Netflix."

Bakhtawar Yasir

Major: Political Science and Criminal Justice

Classification: Senior

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Tips for success within your major and college: "Always go to class, stay engaged, ask questions, and build good relationships with your professors."

What I wish I knew as a freshmen: "That I should not just work but also enjoy my time in college because you never know what will happen. Example: for me, it was covid cutting my college experience in half."

A campus office or service I recommend: "Center of Leadership and Success & First-Generation Success Center."

Career goals: "Law reform in the criminal justice system or international human rights."

Hobbies: "Watching tik toks."

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